How Minimum Wage and UBI Affect Businesses

One of the biggest disagreements in economic policy revolves around the “living wage.” Most presidential candidates in the Democratic Party want to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, as it is considered a “living wage.” On the other hand, Andrew Yang wants to allow states to determine their own minimum wage and implement a basic income on top of that. Bryan Frew, CPA explains how each policy changes business decisions for large corporations and small businesses.

The Futurist, Issue 7: It Has Begun

Note from the Editor Since our last issue, so much has happened. Martin Luther King day and the Lunar New Year have both been celebrated. Iowa held its caucus – and could not count their delegates. Andrew Yang gave an amazing speech and a spectacular town hall. And of course the Democratic Debates happened in…

Yang Exceeds Q3 Funding Expectations

The September debate, where Andrew Yang announced that he would be giving away ten Freedom Dividends, brought in more donations than the previous two debates combined. Yang was able to raise over $10 million in Q3, 257% more than his fundraising in Q2. Over 99% of his online donations were under $200, with the average…

Yang is Paving the Way for the Black Agenda

Speakers from the Black community often challenge politicians to lay out the specific ways they will help Black voters. Dwight D. Hunter, JD, explains how Andrew Yang brings a new approach to empowering Black communities.

The Need for a Black Agenda

The Black vote is considered to be a coveted voting bloc in the Democratic Party, and Andrew Yang currently doesn’t have a Black Agenda. Rue Smith, an American Descendant of Slavery, discusses why Yang needs one.

New Year, New Money

It’s a new year, and you know what that means: Q4 fundraising reports. Ori Simon Bechtel gives us a look.

The Christian Argument for Andrew Yang

Members of the Christian faith are often assumed to be conservative voters. Pastor Steven Broers, head of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Fontanelle, Iowa, explains why he finds Andrew Yang’s message compelling.

Democratic Dropouts

Three candidates have dropped out of the race in three days. Ori Simon Bechtel does an autopsy on their campaigns and explains the significance to the Yang campaign.

Who has better pro-woman policies, Warren or Yang?

Women’s rights are an important aspect of this current election cycle. As a woman running for president, Elizabeth Warren boasts strong female support, but Andrew Yang’s policies for women seem to be more promising. Erik Williamson explores how both candidates address these issues.

November’s Debate: Just Ten Candidates, All Lined Up

As primary season draws ever closer, the requirements for the Democratic Debates increase. Only ten Democratic nominee hopefuls took the stage in Atlanta to sell the American people on their visions of the future. @Balshumet gives insight into the night, with a particular focus on Andrew Yang.