The Futurist, Issue 7: It Has Begun

Note from the Editor Since our last issue, so much has happened. Martin Luther King day and the Lunar New Year have both been celebrated. Iowa held its caucus – and could not count their delegates. Andrew Yang gave an amazing speech and a spectacular town hall. And of course the Democratic Debates happened in…

Poverty in the US

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Long-form Video Interviews

National Public Radio (New) Karen Hunter Show (New) AARP Forum Interview MSNBC Climate Forum with Ali Velshi Des Moines Register Editorial Board Interview The Hill Interview with Krystal Ball Daily Wire Interview with Ben Shapiro The Rubin Report with Dave Rubin

Yang Exceeds Q3 Funding Expectations

The September debate, where Andrew Yang announced that he would be giving away ten Freedom Dividends, brought in more donations than the previous two debates combined. Yang was able to raise over $10 million in Q3, 257% more than his fundraising in Q2. Over 99% of his online donations were under $200, with the average…