Anna’s Yang Story

#MyYangStory is a popular Twitter hashtag that aggregates the experiences of how Yang supporters decided to join the Yang Gang. We’re bringing these experiences straight to you. This issue’s story is by Anna Munsey-Kano, a teacher and former supporter of Hillary Clinton.

Switching Sides: The Conversion Conundrum

One of the biggest themes in this presidential election cycle is all about making sure Donald Trump does not get a second term. Erik Williamson discusses how Andrew Yang has been able to draw conservative voters and Trump supporters away from the Republican party, and why it’s a good thing.

Beau M.’s Trump-to-Yang Story

When reflecting on my political journey over the past year, nothing surprises me more than a life-long conservative and avid supporter of Trump’s presidential bid, converting to Andrew Yang’s campaign. How can two political outsiders with vastly different policies, rhetoric, and visions for the country, be appealing to many of the same voters? To answer…