New Year, New Money

It’s a new year, and you know what that means: Q4 fundraising reports. Ori Simon Bechtel gives us a look.

Democratic Dropouts

Three candidates have dropped out of the race in three days. Ori Simon Bechtel does an autopsy on their campaigns and explains the significance to the Yang campaign.

Normalizing Neurodiversity

Andrew Yang has a son, Christopher, who has autism. Christopher has inspired Andrew’s platform, leading Andrew to become the biggest advocate among the candidates running for President on the behalf of non-neurotypical people. Ori Simon Bechtel explains the significance of this from a non-neurotypical perspective.

Dividend Day

What would you do with your Freedom Dividend? We asked a member of the Yang Gang to tell us about his plans. One thousand dollars. The Dividend would certainly open a lot of new doors for me. Since it’s not set aside by the government for spending on specific items, the possibilities are almost endless….

Super Duper PAC Men

Ever since the Citizens United v. FEC court case (2010) brought campaign finances to the forefront of American politics, PACs have been closely scrutinized, with many considering them lobbying and “special interest” organizations. Ori Simon Bechtel explains why the newest super PAC, formed to support Andrew Yang’s campaign, is no exception.