The Need for a Black Agenda

The Black vote is considered to be a coveted voting bloc in the Democratic Party, and Andrew Yang currently doesn’t have a Black Agenda. Rue Smith, an American Descendant of Slavery, discusses why Yang needs one.

The Christian Argument for Andrew Yang

Members of the Christian faith are often assumed to be conservative voters. Pastor Steven Broers, head of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Fontanelle, Iowa, explains why he finds Andrew Yang’s message compelling.

Who has better pro-woman policies, Warren or Yang?

Women’s rights are an important aspect of this current election cycle. As a woman running for president, Elizabeth Warren boasts strong female support, but Andrew Yang’s policies for women seem to be more promising. Erik Williamson explores how both candidates address these issues.

Normalizing Neurodiversity

Andrew Yang has a son, Christopher, who has autism. Christopher has inspired Andrew’s platform, leading Andrew to become the biggest advocate among the candidates running for President on the behalf of non-neurotypical people. Ori Simon Bechtel explains the significance of this from a non-neurotypical perspective.