SS Lenox’s Yang Story

I found out about Andrew Yang from an interview online, and I’ve been spreading the word ever since. So many of his policies put power into the hands of the people, which leads to more citizens believing they are valued members of society. With rates of depression and suicide peaking, our country could certainly use a refreshed sense of self-worth as we join the rest of the modern world in solving the issues of the 21st century. As an independent recording artist, writer, entrepreneur, and curator, I’m optimistic about what The Freedom Dividend will do for people that live in lower to middle class communites and are presented with few opportunities. The ability to multi-task is now instinctive, but we must convert that into multiple streams of income in order to keep up with the rise of automation and AI. I believe universal basic income will minimize anxiety and stress throughout the entire working class by releasing mundane time restraints on millions of Americans. My hometown Hammond, Indiana would benefit greatly, as most people here either work in car factories or drive trucks.

People of all ages will be able to create their own opportunities, building upwards from a stable floor. That’s what inspired me to write Keep it 1K Humanity first and also why I’m voting for Andrew Yang in 2020.

Assad R. aka SS Lenox, 28, Indiana

Download the second issue.

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