Switching Sides: The Conversion Conundrum

One of the biggest themes in this presidential election cycle is all about making sure Donald Trump does not get a second term. Erik Williamson discusses how Andrew Yang has been able to draw conservative voters and Trump supporters away from the Republican party, and why it’s a good thing.

Ten Hours: Andrew’s Live-streamed Q&A Marathon

Andrew Yang hinted at having yet another “surprise” for the October debate. He announced it during the final question of the debate: A livestreamed ten hour question-and-answer session for voter-submitted questions. The streams were broadcasted on YouTube and Twitter, where he answered tweeted questions with the accompanying hashtag #AskAndrew. He also answered questions on the public online forums Quora and Reddit. Erik Williamson reveals how it went.

Erik’s Yang Story

My Yang Story is something I think I share with a lot of people. In the last few years polarization has intensified, and stress is rampant as more and more Americans live paycheck to paycheck or worse cannot get work at all. Things can look pretty bleak, and looking to politics for an answer to…

Who is Yang?

When a person considers voting for a presidential candidate, he or she has a mental checklist of what is needed in the Oval Office. Experience in government and relatability used to be the defining traits of what made a certain person “electable” – but things have changed in the past decade. Erik Williamson delves into why Andrew Yang’s lack of establishment experience might actually be a good thing.