Erik’s Yang Story

My Yang Story is something I think I share with a lot of people. In the last few years polarization has intensified, and stress is rampant as more and more Americans live paycheck to paycheck or worse cannot get work at all. Things can look pretty bleak, and looking to politics for an answer to these problems seems absurd given the current sociological climate we find ourselves in.

I didn’t care about Trump winning again, I was ready to just sit back and watch us eat each other. I did not believe legislation or policies could make a personal difference in my life. I did not believe any politician actually cared about anything but special-interests and tribal talking points.

Andrew Yang changed my mind.

He’s the only one running who has broken away from the cookie-cutter policies of the DNC. He’s the only one acknowledging that the 90’s were twenty years ago. He seems to be the only one that cares about more than the party-line. He is the only one offering practical solutions to problems that both parties have let fester for far too long. He is definitely the only one not playing into the rampant tribalism that both parties have been using to galvanize their respective bases to the detriment of this country.

Andrew Yang may not be the perfect candidate, but in my estimation he is a damn sight better than more of the same. That is my Yang story.

Erik W., 31, Florida

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