Jessica’s Yang Story

#MyYangStory is a popular Twitter hashtag that aggregates the experiences of how Yang supporters decided to join the Yang Gang. We’re bringing these experiences to you. This issue’s story is by Jessica Kim, a PhD student of social welfare, therapist, mother of three, and wife of a veteran.

I got Yanged back in February when I heard Andrew on NPR. Not in my lifetime did I think an Asian guy would ever run for president. Please don’t embarrass us, I worried. With skepticism I studied his website and listened to the now proverbial Joe Rogan podcast. I was hooked.

It felt like I had woken up from a long slumber of political disengagement. In my view, politicians were like car salesmen. How could it be that this random guy made so much sense? And why wasn’t anyone else talking about automation? Wait, we could actually pay for universal basic income? Here was an outsider who possessed an uncanny ability to synthesize large amounts of compelling research and statistics and propose a series of cohesive and solution focused policies that could actually bring our country together.

Andrew Yang, some Asian guy nobody knew, had a vision for the country I didn’t think could be possible; inspiring and rational are not typically used to describe the same vision. American Scorecard, Democracy Dollars, and Freedom Dividend. I was overcome with excitement and hope. The rest is history. In a nutshell, here are three reasons why I trust Yang.

  1. Yang’s motivations are legit. He’s not part of the establishment. That means his incentives don’t come from political clout, money, or ideology. He’s a pragmatist who wants to give Americans agency over their own lives. Effectively, this means Yang is open to new ideas if they’re backed by reason. And for better or worse, he will not just tell us what we want to hear because it sounds good. Americans who are paying close attention can tell the difference between pandering and grounded solutions.
  2. Yang’s pulse on the 21st century is aligned with where we need to focus. He gets the technologically esoteric issues of our transforming economy that are insidiously infecting our country under the guise of politically divisive narratives. Who else is talking about our data rights, thorium nuclear reactors, or artificial intelligence? Nobody—because they’re too distracted by the latest Trump tweet. I want a leader in the White House who is laser focused on the real threats on the ground, not on the sexy clickbait du jour.
  3. Yang’s authenticity is refreshing. He’s not afraid to be himself and doesn’t project a façade of polished cadence. Many found that appealing about Trump only to later find he happens to also be egomaniacal, erratic, and vindictive. The more I hear Yang, the more I like him and his imperfections—he’s kind, goofy, humble. It’s comforting to think we will know exactly who we’ve elected when Yang is POTUS in 2021.

Do you trust the candidate you support? No matter what happens, I’ll always measure every politician against the ideals that Yang has shown us we can expect from our leaders. Andrew Yang has restored my hope in humanity and democracy. Once you see the truth, you can’t unsee it.

I’m Yang Gang for life.

Jessica Kim, 42, New Jersey

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