The Futurist, Issue 4

The Futurist, Issue 4 (cover)

Note from the Editor

Since the November debate, three presidential candidates have dropped out of the race: Gov. Steve Bullock, Rep. Joe Sestak, and Sen. Kamala Harris. Meanwhile, Andrew Yang raised $750,000 in 24 hours and opened another office in New Hampshire. The Yang Gang also spent some time on December 1 contributing directly to their local communities as part of a movement they called #PledgeForHumanity.

As the race to the 2020 Democratic Primaries draws ever closer, we at The Futurist dig deeper into Yang’s policies to examine what makes him stand out from the crowd. This issue focuses on how his policies help women. We’ve compared his platform with that of Elizabeth Warren, the female candidate with the highest polling numbers.

We’ve also included a section on fun gift ideas for the holidays, for your loved ones or for yourself. And if you’re still looking to learn more about Andrew Yang and his vision, you can always pick up a copy of his book at your local bookstore.

As always, we invite you to submit questions about his policy proposals and ideas. We’ve opened up a new line of communication, so feel free to text us or leave a voicemail.

Humanity First,

Adrienne, an Asian girl who likes math

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