Photo: Joseph Collins

Andrew Yang’s campaign hosted a concert and rally in Des Moines, Iowa on November 1, before the Liberty and Justice Celebration. Attendee Lillith W. tells us what she thought of the event.

Yangapalooza was fun, exciting, wet and cold. Hundreds of Yang Gang members from across the country came out to Des Moines Iowa, in spit of the crappy weather. The entertainment was on fire. Kyle Christensen, one of the recipients of Andrew Yang’s pilot Freedom Dividend, rocked out on the stage. Chef Zoot debuted a song he had written the night before. Weezer was good—though it is not my style of music, I still enjoyed it. Them playing Spice Girls’ “No Scrubs” was awesome. (I was a big Spice Girls fan back in the day.) All the speakers were inspirational.

It was cool to see Andrew Yang appear on stage and sing with Weezer. Evelyn Yang made her appearance. She barely got a few words in when everyone started singing “Happy Birthday” to her. The pure look of joy on her face showed how much she appreciates the Yang Gang. Evelyn is a very beautiful woman—her speech may have been short, but it was good and shows how much she loves the Yang Gang.

Andrew Yang’s speech, like all of his, was awesome and though some don’t like his cursing, I do enjoy it, it shows how genuine he is. After his speech, Andrew and Evelyn lead a march across the bridge. Andrew spoke for a few minutes and then took as many selfies as he could before heading to the Liberty And Justice celebration.

The real MVPs of the event were all the volunteers, many of whom had been out since 7:30 am. The excitement and fun that the Yang Gang brought made you forget how cold it was. Meeting everyone from different backgrounds was cool. I could imagine how much bigger it would have been had the weather been just a little nicer. All in all, it was a good day.

Photo: Joseph Collins

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