Tamara’s Yang Story

#MyYangStory is a popular Twitter hashtag that aggregates the experiences of how Yang supporters decided to join the Yang Gang. We’re bringing these experiences to you. This issue’s story is by Tamara Biddle, a disabled army veteran, a wife, and a home-school mom.

I’m a 51-year-old disabled army veteran. I voted for Obama in both elections, but in the last election, I voted for Trump. I actually considered myself part of the walkaway campaign. I grew tired of the politicians and the fact that they never seem to care about the people. They seem to have their own agenda, regardless of our country’s needs.

Then one day, I tuned into the DNC debates. I did it mostly for humor’s sake, but a bit of me wanted to see someone who might be different, maybe someone who didn’t fit into the typical DNC stereotype of late. Lo and behold, I saw someone named Andrew Yang. He was funny, I must admit. I mean, really, who in their right mind would actually want to give every American citizen $1000 a month, and how could we afford it?

After the debates, I decided to visit the campaign website. I was impressed with all his projected policies. I began following him on Twitter. I bought his book, “The War on Normal People.” I decided for the first time in my life I would actually support a presidential candidate.

What was it that made me decide to support Andrew Yang, and not just vote for him? Although there are many reasons, there are a few that stand out most of all. One obvious reason is the Universal Basic Income. I don’t personally need it, but along with many others I can definitely benefit from it. I know people on Social Security. One is on Supplemental Security Income. Knowing the maximum SSI an individual will receive in 2020 will be $783, if the UBI were in place, that would mean an increase of $217, and the individual would not have to send in monthly statements of any income earned. More money and less hassle.

For the other person I know on Social Security Disability Income, the UBI is stackable. Right now, she is 72 years old and getting some other types of medical assistance. This extra income will help her afford other needs, such as clothing, haircuts, healthier food options, and more.

UBI will also have additional, non-financial impacts. When a person or family no longer has to worry about survival needs, stress levels go down and other mental health problems can improve. Family life may improve; school performance may improve. The potential positive effects are endless.

Another major reason for my support of Andrew Yang is his ability to unite people with his kindness and sincere concern and respect for other people. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he won’t stand his ground. As seen with MSNBC intentionally ignoring him, he let them know he would not be interviewed without an apology.

This brings me to another reason he has my support. He is intelligent, and he uses this to his advantage. Knowing he has had limited air time in debates, he has been able to get his word out to people in creative ways. He makes use of every bit of time and opportunity to spread the word, because he genuinely cares about not just our country, but about its people. He cares about humanity first. How much better can it get?

Tamara Biddle, 51, Ohio

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