The Futurist, Issue 6: Yang’s Black Agenda

The Futurist, Issue 5: Andrew Yang's Black Agenda

Note from the Editor

The holiday season has come to a close, and the Iowa Caucus looms ahead. Members of the Yang Gang have travelled to Iowa to canvass for Andrew Yang as unpaid volunteers, some of whom are supported by PACs created by the volunteers themselves.

This issue examines a topic some might consider controversial: The Black Agenda. Our contributors delve into arguments on whether or not Yang needs one, but both agree that he is the candidate with the strongest pro-Black policies currently in the race.

Money is also a focus in this issue. We examine the difference between wealth taxes and value-added taxes, comparing their efficacy in implementation. Campaign funding numbers from quarter four have also been released, and those results are good indicators of how well a candidate is doing.

As always, we invite you to submit questions about his policy proposals and ideas. Thank you for reading.

Happy Holidays,

Adrienne, an Asian girl who likes math

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